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Timelapse Tuesday 35: Hylian Champion

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Art Process

Hi everyone and welcome back to Timelapse Tuesday! This week’s video has been coming for a few weeks now, since I started playing Breath of the Wild on the weekends! I’ve been taking the weekends off just to play video games and relax a bit; it’s the main reason why I don’t really post on Saturdays and Sundays.

This fan art was something that I’ve been wanting to do for some time now, I just never made the time for it! I wanted to do it in markers because I love how bright the colors can be on paper. I love the game’s painterly aesthetic and I wanted to draw Link in the hood I use the most in the game (aside from the Climbing, Sheikah and Zora outfits).

I talk about making fan art as a way to try new art techniques and concepts. I’m no stranger to making fan works, though I don’t really share most of it because of the negative connotations it can have. It’s lessened over the years, that’s for sure. I think it’s good to create fan stuff in between working original content because it’s a way to appreciate the source content. Let me know what you think!

I also have a special video for this week so stay tuned! Let’s hope I can edit that beast of a video on time!


  • Markers: COPIC (G00, B32, B14, B29, B39, RV11, Y13, V12); ChartPAK ( Beige, Blender); Blick (Caramel, Canary Yellow, Saffron, Sienna); Letraset Pro Marker (Ivory)
  • Borden & Riley Paris Paper for Pens (this paper has been in my stash for years and it looks just new!)
  • Unibal Signo Gel Pen in White
  • Staedler Karat Watercolor Pencils
  • Prismacolor Colerase Pencils

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Timelapse Tuesday #31: 100 YouTube Subs! & Art Talk

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Art Process & Talk

Hi everyone and welcome back to Timelapse Tuesday! This week’s video is both for an Art Talk and celebrating 100 subs on YouTube! I wanted to make an illustration reminicent of the very first video I put up so I used my markers and color pencils!

This week’s Art Talk is about Small (Daily) victories. I go into a lot more detail in the video, but whenever I’m stuck or frustrated with my art practice, I do smaller tasks that are related to it to keep going. I go over a few of them on this illustration’s Patreon post as a sort glimpse into my studio practice on a weekly basis. They’re not elaborate or particularly special, but they help in some way and motivate me to tackle the bigger art tasks or get over the creative slump.

Quick reminder that $1 Patrons get to see fresh content before anyone else and $5 Patrons get access to lineart and a monthly digital drawing!


  • Markers: COPIC, Block Studio, ChartPak and Faber Castell PITT
  • Prismacolor Colerase Pencils
  • GraphGear 03 Pencils
  • Unibal Gel Pen in Golden ink
  • Strathmore Mixed Media Book

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Color Challenge & Comic Update News!

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Art Process & Update

Hi everyone! Today’s blogpost is a bit of a hodpodge of several topics so let’s get to it! I must confess I took yesterday off from YouTube and blogging to paint for myself and build more stock for my Pet Portraits Collection and opened up a Special Art Commissions page for them! It was nice to just focus on making art and not worry about editing videos or comic pages.

I apologize for not updating on the Twitch Stream yesterday as well, it’s still going at 7:30pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays. It was reinvigorating to talk with people and draw the nights away.

I’ll be taking the month-long semi-break from the webcomic (that I never took haha) and taking some time to restructure YouTube content so it’s not so exhausting. I’ll keep on blogging and updating you all, I’ll just be a little more casual about it rather than being so rigid about the content!

As always, thank you so much for reading!

Last Week’s Stream

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Twitch Stream is ONLINE (July 18, 2017)

Hi everyone! It’s time for the Tuesday Art Stream! Click HERE or on the image to join me on the stream! I’m thinking of trying out a new camera angle and doing a 8″ x 10″ fanart of Breath of the Wild! What medium is still to be decided so come and help me choose! 😀

Last Week’s Stream

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Timelapse Tuesday #25: Say it with flowers

Original is up for Sale! Click HERE for the shop link! I also have art commission slots available in this art style!

Art Process & Motivation

Hi everyone and welcome back to Timelapse Tuesday! This week’s illustration was a chance to work with my art markers again after not recording a complete YouTube video on them in quite some time! I wanted to be playful and illustrate the phrase “Say it with Flowers” with even more blooms!

I talk about keeping art fun and changing things up from a more serious process to something that is still challenging. I chose to go with a more graphic or comic style because I like high contrasts in my marker art. I took a quick break from watercolors so I wouldn’t worry too much on the layering and focus on the selection of colors. I wanted to render everything softly so I used my pastel markers as tonal values and only added the brighter colors as midtowns as needed. Overall I’m very happy with this simple illustration and I hope to make more soon!

I also wanted to add some gold ink details to make it extra nice and plan for a metallic print in the near future. I’ve been on a gold ink kick since last Thursday’s Twitch Stream when I added warm gold ink on my newest Twitch illustration.


  • Markers:
    •  COPIC: RV11,V12, Y13, YG03, G00, B32
    • Blick Studio: Canary Yellow, Saffron, Caramel, Apple Green
    • Letraset ProMarker: Satin (V129)
  • Pentel Pocket Brush
  • Sakura Micron Pigma Pen 03
  • Strathmore Drawing Paper
  • Unibal Signo Pen in Gold Ink & White

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See you in a few hours for tonight’s stream!