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Timelapse Tuesday #24: Playful Magpie

No prints but I do have watercolor art commission slots available!

Art Motivation

Hi everyone and welcome back to Timelapse Tuesday! This week’s topic came about while planning for a mixed media art piece and to encourage practice with materials you might have bought but never used. I understand how much an investment art making can be and sometimes we buy something we believe so precious that we don’t dare use it. I’m very much like that most of the time, especially with my watercolors and oils.

At first, I only used the student grade materials and didn’t try out anything beyond that, even though I had perfectly good artist’s grade materials just sitting in storage looking pretty. The main problem with this mindset is if I never practiced with the better supplies, I would never understand how they actually worked so I would be wasting more money just buying what I thought I could work instead of just doing it! Eventually I got over that fear of “wasting” my supplies when I changed my mindset to “Any art made is progress” and it’s helped me keep a positive outlook towards my own process.

I do hope this video helps you get over that doubt and gets you motivated to create more!

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See you in a few hours for tonight’s stream!

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Inktober posts #5-#9

More Inktober posts from my Instagram! Inktober #5 to 9, I will do this!

Most days went swimmingly except Monday’s (Anju) because I was swamped with comic page planning and the first two attempts just didn’t work. This batch is more experimental with my mediums, mixing pens and inks. Some of these will be added to the shop and some will be made into prints, stay tuned!