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Timelapse Tuesday 32: Tulipanes + Art Talk

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Art Process & Motivation

Hi everyone and welcome back to Timelapse Tuesday! This week’s illustration was product of several art attempts before I settled on this one.  I go into more details in the video, but I went through at least 3 ideas, both in traditional and digital media, before I decided to break out my acrylic paints and give them a try after months of struggling with oil paints.

Don’t get me wrong, I love the buttery consistency and loooong open time of water-soluble oils, but setting up for a oil painting session takes quite a bit of prep work that I wasn’t planning on doing if I wanted to make my weekly deadline! I found myself enjoying acrylic paints for the first time in months, so I hope I’ll be doing more to balance out my content!

I’m still trying to figure out a good content management & schedule strategy so I can have more leeway for more experimental illustrations, Patreon and blogposts.


  • Strathmore Tan Toned Paper
  • Winsor & Newton Galeria Acrylic Paint
  • Grumbacher Academy Acrylic paint
  • Art Alternatives Round Brushes
  • Liquitex Matte Medium
  • GraphGear 03 Pencil

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