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Comic Update Extra 1.2!

Hi everyone! It’s Comic Update day over at Tapas & Smackjeeves!
This is the first Webcomic Update featured on Patreon! This week’s Extra Page is about the orphaned Angel-Born Secondet Lainhart. Like it says on the page, Secondet is androgynous, so I refer to them as “they” most of the time though they are codified as male.
Their story is intrinsically linked with Daikonran’s, even before the angel was born. The Falsebound Angels are a group of angels that fought alongside Lady Lita in the Gryphen-Lyek Conflict. There were 5 angels, representing the different elements that balance all 3 realms. The reasons as to why they chose to get involved were mainly centered around preventing the conflict to reach Earth (thus aggravating an already tenuous relationship between all 3).
Secondet is the child of the Healer Baltha and a human enchantress from Emmoni named Beatrice. Like stated in the comic, Baltha and Beatrice were killed in their home and Secondet was found among the bloodshed. Seccie has always doubted the story given by Tellus, but the records corroborated it. As to Secondet’s past lover, not much is really known about them other that he put them back in a boat back to Tellus’ brothel and broke the angel’s heart.
For now, Secondet’s mere presence helps unlock Level 1 spells for Daikonran and part of their journey is teaching the angel how to improve this.
That’s enough lore for this week! See you all next post!

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