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Comic Update Extra 1.1!

Hi everyone, it’s Comic Update day! Check it out on Tapastic & Smackjeeves!!

This week’s page is the first of the Extra Pages, the perfect chance to talk about the characters and settings featured in this Chapter! I started with Daikonran because he’s the first protagonist you meet (this comic has 6 main protagonists). His design’s pretty simple since he was just released from his seal and he chose not to wear his uniform to what he knows is permanent imprisonment.

His facial scars are gauges for his Necromancer abilities; meaning he’s high ranking but not nearly as high as his father. He’ll gain more scars as he picks up more spells and training. His bandages conceal the full seal with the Royal Crest and Binding Runes (the symbol & the Snake). So long as Daikonran is bound he can’t use spells but in Secondet’s presence, he’s able to access any Level I casts he might know.

Thank you so much for reading and I’ll see you all next week!

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