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Color Palette Challenge: Fateful Threads

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Art Process

Hi everyone, welcome back to the Color Challenge! Today’s video was a quick exercise in actually using the colors in SutherlandArt’s Color Palette Challenge exclusively. I think it went rather well and I got to work out Lita’s main ability before drawing it in the comic. I really liked the #12 palette for this character because I could render her features without needing to add extra colors. Lita is actually one of my oldest OCs from way back when and I’ve kept her designs pretty much intact throughout the years.

Funny thing is, I’m starting to run out of characters for this illustration series for the time being! Most of the other characters head straight into spoiler territory, so I’m quite hesitant in drawing them before they’re properly introduced. I’ll probably end up drawing them just to work out their designs and the like (who doesn’t want an excuse to build their world?).

I’ll see you all in a bit for tonight’s Art Stream!

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