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Timelapse Tuesday #27: “Start of the Quest” (webcomic timelapse)

I have very limited art commission slots in this style!

Art Process

Hi everyone and welcome back to Timelapse Tuesday! This week’s video is a complete process video from sketch to final toning of my webcomic’s chapter I finale (Tapastic & Smackjeeves). As much as I like Clip Studio Paint’s Perspective Ruler, I feel more comfortable drawing in perspective traditionally. Sometimes the digital lines are a little too straight and I wanted this page to feel lively. I sketched everything with my copy-not draft blue leads and inked with the Pentel DuoPoint Flex pen for variety of line widths.

I imported the scan at 600dpi and edited the contrasts so it would work well as a “Multiply” Lineart layer. I then added and painted the values in different tones by layering them. I spread the whole process (and recording it) across two days so I could enjoy this piece more since it would the last piece before taking my webcomic break.

See you all soon for tonight’s art stream!

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