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Comic Update 1.1.46 (End of Chapter 1)!!

Hi everyone it’s Comic Update day! Check it out on Tapastic & Smackjeeves! This week’s challenge was creating an awesome last page for this very first Chapter using traditional inks and Clip Studio Paint! I’m elated to say Chapter I of “Nightmare’s Tragedies” is DONE! Almost a full year of drawing pages non-stop have come to a…not a close, but a quick break!

Like I said before, I will be taking at least a month off from drawing pages to get ready to work on Chapter II: “Arrival of Dreamless Nights”. The character designs are pretty much done, the script is getting a bit of an edit and I’m gathering as much reference material & practice as I can to make Chapter 2 as pretty as I envision it.

Stay tuned for the next couple of weeks: I’ll be sharing concept sketches, world building, literary analysis (I get to use my degree!), and more of Chapter I!

This past year was a learning experience in freelancing as an illustrator and as a webcomic artist. Not going to sugar coat it, it’s been incredibly difficult to start from the ground up. There were some days when I just didn’t see the point in continuing this comic because it was/is so time consuming. It felt like I was shouting into the nothing and pouring my energy into something “unproductive”. It’s thanks to your feedback, your kind words, reading and liking the pages, that I pulled myself out of that mentality and got motivated to keep going.

I have a big personal endeavor in the works for the end of July, so keep a look out! In the meantime, check out the next episode of Timelapse Tuesday! I recorded the entire process for this page from sketch to final touches and I’m super proud of it!

Thank you so much and I’ll see you all next week!

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