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Timelapse Tuesday #21: Pink Hair Buns Portrait

No prints for this week but I do have commission slots OPEN for this art style!

Art Process

Hi everyone and welcome back to Timelapse Tuesday! It’s been rather gloomy these few days in the studio so I decided I’ll be going (mostly) digital, with the exception of Thursday’s Traditional Art Stream. To kick off this week, I decided use a very popular color palette challenge I encountered a while back, the FallenZephyr’s 100 palette challenge. I honestly tried to find a link of the original post but they apparently deleted the page. You can still find it if you google it by name though. I chose this particular palette to work within very pastel colors and challenge myself to render effectively.

I also wanted to try out this technique I found a while back for digital paintings. It was a way to use sketches or  lineart and airbrushing to quickly work on an idea and model faster. I struggle with getting past the line stage (I have so many WIPs it’s not funny) so any technique that can help me render better and faster is always welcomed. This technique helped plan out the colors and contrasts fairly quickly so I could concentrate on modeling the tonal values.

I also struggle a lot with coming up with concepts and full illustrations. I put so much pressure on myself to come up new illustrations that works and I can publish that I end up giving myself creative block or I’m unhappy with the results…either way I’m not as productive as I’d like. So I’ve resolved to sketch and practice more and publish my WIPs rather than go for perfection.


  • Clip Studio Paint Pro / Manga Studio 5
  • Wacom Bamboo Create

Support the Artist!

If you want to support my work: check out Ko-fi pageDigital Commissions | Store & Traditional Commissions Redbubble! Every bit helps keep me making art & videos for you all! If you have any suggestions for videos or illustrations, let me know in the comments below!

See you in a few hours for tonight’s stream!


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