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Timelapse Tuesday #20: Luna’s Portrait

No prints this week, this portrait was made as a surprise gift for her mom! I do have puppy portraits on my SHOP!

Art Process

Hi everyone and welcome back to Timelapse Tuesday! It’s episode #20 and I’m finally talking about my newest favorite medium, water soluble oil paint! The reason I took so long to getting videos out on this medium is because these pieces are super experimental for me and I need to practice a lot until my skills are up to my standards. This is the first finished piece I was able to record and edit since most of my oils are still works-in-process. Luna the Schnauzer was painted between February and March, with at least 2 weeks of drying time to let the paints cure.

Water soluble oil paints are fairly new to the art market (compared to other mediums) and thankfully there are a lot of brands out there to choose. I first went with Reeves’ brand of water-miscible paints and I liked the idea of longer dry times enough to move to higher quality paint. My second (and current) set is a mish-mash of colors from Daler Rowney Water Mixable Georgian and Williamsburg Oils. The first came from a fellow artist’s recommendation and the latter came from a lovely sample pack I was gifted for participating in a local art event. What I enjoy the most from this medium is how easy it is to clean up afterwards. I pour my dirty water into a large glass container with napkins to absorb the water and once that’s full of dried paint, I’ll take it to my community’s waste management.

Behold, my squiggly cursive writing in my mixed-media book!

To accelerate my drying times, keep the creamy paint consistency and be able to work with non-water soluble paint, I add a little of Winsor & Newton Fast Dry painting medium to my mixes. My paint layers dry within days (if thin) or weeks (if thick), giving me ample time to adjust any mistakes. I usually put my WIPs to dry on my studio wall be it by hanging them or with a little velcro strip on the back. I’ll be working on more paintings as I keep practicing and learning!

See you soon for tonight’s stream!


  • Art Alternatives 5″ x 7″ Canvas Board (+ 5 coats of gesso and sanded)
  • Daler Rowney Georgian Water Mixable Oil Paints
  • Winsor Newton Water Soluble Fast Dry Medium

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