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Thank you for watching the Art Stream (Apr. 21. 2017)

Thank you to everyone who joined in and watched my Oil painting and Watercolor Art Stream last night! You can find the full stream with live commentary on my Twitch Channel (yes, I did overcome my shyness) where I talk about water-soluble oils, the safety concerns that they minimize from traditional oils and plenty of tips about my art making! I even managed to draw a quick Prompto and Noctis (from Final Fantasy XV) as my cool down doodles!

Twitch Schedule for now is:

  • Tuesdays (7pm-9pm): Digital Art with Clip Studio Paint (Manga Studio 5) or Paint Tool SAI.
  • Thursdays (7pm-9pm): Traditional Art Stream

I would love to stream more but for now, this schedule works wonderfully. Let me know if this time schedule works for you or if there’s another time I should try!

See you all later today for the Comic Update!


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