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Timelapse Tuesday #16: Succulent Chiaroscuro

Check this illustration on RedBubble HERE !

Art Process

Hi everyone and welcome back to Timelapse Tuesday! This was a really fun experimental illustration that I posted last week in between editing last week’s Color Challenge video. I only had two main objectives for this illustration: a) I wanted to experiment gouache on black paper, b) I wanted a nice front page for my big Mixed Media Sketchbook. I’m a huge art history nerd and I love how complex chiaroscuro paintings are, so I wanted to try it out on a pad of Artagain paper I received as a birthday gift a few years ago. I used my DIY Gouache Palette I carry around everywhere for this (click on the link if you want to try it out with watercolors).

I knew my Royal & Langnickel gouache could layer well on it but I hadn’t really tried to paint on it…rather I was never happy with the results. I tried to make illustrations on it before but I realized I didn’t know as much about gouache and tonal painting as I thought I did so I left it alone for a few months while I continued my art practice. I honestly recorded this on a whim, since I’m trying to make a habit of recording whenever I’m at my workspace. On most days I write and sketch out a plan for the next day on my Bullet Journal and my draft sketchbook so I can get good footage for the next day. It works well but sometimes it’s good to go into art making without a plan just for the sake of experimenting.

To you, my reader, remember to take time to just create for yourself and play with your materials. It’s never time wasted and you’d be surprised with what may come out! See you all soon!


  • Royal & Langnickel Gouache
  • Strathmore Artagain Drawing Paper
  • Royal Langnickel Brushes in Round #5 and Flat #10
  • Sakura GellyRoll 08 Pen in White
  • Prismacolor Colerase Pencil in White

Support the Artist!

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