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Comic Update 1.1.35!

Hi everyone, it’s Comic Update Friday! Check it out on Tapastic & Smackjeeves!

This week’s challenge was creating a small dressing room space that Secondet could hide in after his nightly concert. I wanted to make it somewhat intimate with his admirers’ flowers on the boudoir and a small closet. I enjoy making believable spaces in perspective when I’m not rushing through pages. Only 12 more pages til the end of Chapter 1! I’m super excited to actually finish this chapter since it means that:

  • I followed through a long-standing personal project
  • I finally finished writing & drawing a chapter!
  • I pushed through my doubts and posted it!
  • I get to draw Victorian Architecture in the next chapter! I’m thinking of streaming them as I work on them after a brief 2 week break after this chapter is done.

Support the Artist!

If you want to support my work: check out Ko-fi pageDigital Commissions | Store & Traditional Commissions Redbubble! Every little bit helps keep me making art & videos for you all! If you have any suggestions for videos, let me know in the comments below!


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