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Timelapse Tuesday #14: Spring Bouquet

Check this illustration on RedBubble HERE!

Art Process

Hey everyone and welcome back to Timelapse Tuesday! Sorry for the delay, I’m still sick and it affected my art making this week. I tried making this video about 3 times before I was happy with this recording. I may redo the illustration attempts some other day with these paints or in oils because I loved how certain areas looked. I want to keep a consistent level of quality in my videos and I’d rather be a little late in posting than put something I’m not happy with.

This week’s a little different since I’m not just making an illustration but I’m also reviewing my brand new MIR watercolor Paints that were given to me as a gift from my mom! I’ve searched high and low for these paints and, aside from their website, there’s really nothing about them!

The MIR Paints came in small tubes, two brushes and a well palette in a nice wooden box. I decided to use a flat watercolor palette because I enjoy using a flat mixing surface. Compared to my other paints, the MIR paints released very quickly and loaded well into my brushes. The paint layered well and lifted easily compared to my cheaper Daler Rowney Aquafine or my Kuretake Gansai Tambi. I guess my first few attempts failed because I was dealing with new paints. I like how they work and I’ll be using them in more artwork in the future!

Materials List

  • MIR Watercolor Paints
  • MIR Brushes in #8 and #1 Round
  • Canson XL Mixed Media book

Support the Artist!

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