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Timelapse Tuesday #12: Moonflower

Check this illustration on Redbubble HERE!

Art Process

Hi everyone and welcome to this week’s Timelapse Tuesday! My main challenge in this video was to use my PITT gray markers as undertone for a color illustration. I recently bought two large markers in warm and cool grey from my local art shop and I’ve practicing my tonal values in my mixed media art sketchbook. I really enjoy how they layer though in hindsight I would’ve gone with a shade lighter for more versatility. I’ve been challenging myself to make full art pieces with my travel supplies only and so far it’s been great!

The character shown here is Persephone Anthor, the main character in my undergrad project game “The Lament of the Innocents”. I came up with the game as a prequel to “Nightmare’s Tragedies” to expand the world building of Ephialtes and one of the supernatural elements prominent in the comic. I like to associate elements and motifs with my characters and Persephone is usually represented with moonflowers, since she can only see at night due to a curse. I’ve put the game on hiatus to focus on the webcomic and figure out the main mechanics.

Materials List

  • Faber Castell PITT Markers in Cool & Warm Grey III
  • Pentel Pocket Brush Pen
  • Daler Rowney Aquafine Travel Set
  • Sakura Gellyroll 08 in White
  • Canson XL Mixed Media Sketchbook

Support the Artist!

If you want to support my work: check out my Digital Commissions | Store & Traditional Commissions Redbubble! Every little bit helps keep me making art & videos for you all! If you have any suggestions for videos, let me know in the comments below!


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