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Timelapse Tuesday #8: “Lily” bust

Hi everyone and welcome to this week’s Timelapse Tuesday! This week’s video is a little different than the others since I discuss a topic that’s not technique related. If you’re interested in this technique check out “Ink & Pencil: Piercing/Inner Fear” !

Art Motivation

Freelancing as an artist can be incredibly rewarding but, for me, it can get very stressful. Sometimes that stress manifests itself as what I’d call “art ruts”. An art rut is an instance of time, be it an hour, days or however long, where I can’t seem to get any ideas onto a paper or canvas and the ones that do make it out are riddled with mistakes. It’s quite a frustrating experience to live through because making art is my dream job!

I’m aware of several factors that may cause these ruts, which include:

  1. The fear of not creating original content
  2. Wasting precious resources
  3. Being acutely aware how much I need to improve
  4. the fear of rejection
  5. Stagnation

Sometimes it’s a nasty combination of all of them! The importance of being aware of what’s causing the rut is to address what can help with it. This time-lapse was about playing with materials and allowing other art inspire me. There’s a line between being inspired by someone’s work and copying it and infringing on the intellectual property. I try to remind myself that art, like everything creative, does not exist in a vacuum. It’s okay to be inspired by others, but I believe that credit should be given where credit’s due. This piece was mostly inspired by Happy D. Artist‘s videos, I highly recommend you watch them (or any other people I follow on my YouTube!). I’m just glad I have my beau’s support in this endeavor and while it’s a struggle, I’m happy.


  • Toned sketch paper
  • Pentel Hi-Polymer Colored 0.9 Pencil lead in Red
  • Pentel Pocket Brush Pen
  • Sakura Gelly Roll 08 Pen in White
  • Conté a Paris pencil in white
  • Blick Studio Marker in 30% Warm Grey
  • Pentel Slicci .025 pen

Support the artist!

If you want to support my work: check out my Commissions | Store Redbubble! Every little bit helps keep me making art & videos for you all! If you have any suggestions for videos, let me know in the comments below!

See you all next time!


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