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New Process Animation & $10 Commissions


Hi everyone, I’ve just opened a profile on Artists & Clients to take commissions! To celebrate I’ve opened up these $10 Chibi Commissions! Help me spread the word and thank you all for your kindness & support! I can’t wait to get started!

This piece is also available on my Redbubble for lots of goodies!

I just finished this Sailor Moon fanart to get the gist of this quick commission dynamic and I thought “what the heck, I’ll make a nice gif animation to share my process, it won’t take long!” Famous last words…


I drew this on my sketchbook, photographed and sent it to Manga Studio 5 to increase the resolution & extract the lineart. After I extracted it, I colored the lineart and laid the flat colors, the shadows and highlights. I duplicated the lineart and applied a Gaussian Blur over it to add interest. I finished it with a Moon & stars motif to balance the right side from the left.

See you all tomorrow for Timelapse Tuesday!


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