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Linocut Print: Happy Corgi (and first post of 2017!)

Buy this limited edition print HERE in my Storenvy shop! Thanks for supporting my work!

Hi everyone and Happy New Year 2017! It’s great to be back in the studio after spending time with my family and I’m back with a new video just in time for Timelapse Tuesday! I hope to make this a weekly feature with different projects ranging from paintings to digital art to printmaking! Let me know what you’d like to see in the comments!

I LOVE printmaking but I’m very realistic as to the time it takes me to complete a full piece from concept to cutting to the final print run. This little print had multiple Artist’s proofs before I was satisfied with the image and colors. When I want color prints, I usually plan out a reduction process but I wanted to make more than 1 print run a year, so I decided to follow Viktoria Astrom ‘s process and use waterproof ink and Belinda Del Pesco‘s coloring for this experiment. I rather like it and I have another print I’d like to try out with that technique (sorry, no timelapse for that one…I forgot to record the cutting process!)

See you guys on the next post!


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