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Quick Weekly Update & Video Schedule!

Taking a small break from studying to do a quick art recap from my Instagram feed for anyone who doesn’t follow me there. I upload almost everyday; I tend to skip Sundays because I take it easy and spend time with my beau rather than art making. I’m using a modified bullet journal system to organize all my art-related tasks for now and I hope to share it with you all in a few weeks (so long as I keep using it!).

Nightmare’s Tragedies is also updated on Fridays @ 5:30pm EST on Smackjeeves & Tapastic. I’ve decided to drop the Tumblr mirror for now, sorry for any inconvenience! I’ve set up the queue long enough for me to focus on my studies and my family while having a big enough gap to work on a few weeks’ of content ahead of time. I’m planning a brief 2-week stop after Tragedy I to tighten the concepts, designs and, most importantly, the script. I’ll be posting them here and in the comic forums!

I’m really happy with my videos and how they’re doing for just starting out! I love working on them as a way to share my art in a livelier way. But (there’s always one) , they take me a while to edit. I took video editing way back in undergrad but that was for Final Cut Pro and did not like it one bit. I have a new level of respect for artists who edit and post content daily!

So, that said, I’ll be adding videos every two (2) weeks so make sure to subscribe! The next videos will be about Manga Studio 5, watercolors and block-printing!


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