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Acrylic Timelapse: “Holly Robin!”

I’m back with a full timelapse of a small acrylic painting as part of a series I’m working on as technique practice for my studies. I’m also challenging myself to experiment on my Mixed Media book and actually work on color. I chose to paint this subject because I find a lot of happiness in watching little American Robin birds in the holly trees. I used a photo-reference since these little guys do not stay put long enough to sketch/paint.

The Process

I must confess that it’s been far too long since I worked in acrylic paint, mainly because I’m really enjoying oil painting and gouache. Since those mediums stay open longer or can be reactivated again, I struggled with the short open times acrylic paint has. I am glad I did work on the background first because it made it easy to paint the robin in its proper place. My favorite part was rendering the soft yellows and red of its chest!

This video is the first one I sat down and really focused on proper editing with iMovie, which was tediously fun to do, particularly the Front & End Cards. I’ll try to at least make a video per month, be it traditional or digital art (so long as I remember to record!).

New changes:

Short answer: WordPress & Long-form blogging.

Long Answer: I’ve been thinking about making a new blog that allowed me to make better long-form posts for quite some time. The fact is that while my experience on Tumblr’s been great and I am truly thankful, it’s still not the best in terms of SEO. And frankly, that sucks because I love pretty much everything else about it!

I’ve mirrored most of my posts over at my WordPress blog and I post in both at the same time, so head on over!


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