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No posts this week!

I wanted to write this (not-so-quick) quick note apologizing for the lack of posts this week! I’ve been buckling down on studying for a big exam, so I’ve barely had time to write anything up…and that means all my queues are a little messed up!

If you want daily art updates, check out my Instagram! I post basically daily (except on some Sundays) with timelapses & Works-in-progress!

I did manage to get a bit of my Art Studio Organization & Conservation writing done in between all the studying, which is my main blogging project alongside the comic & illustration work. I hope this series will help artists in some way in their studio practice! I hope to start it by late January 2017 and it will include illustrations and a short bibliography for each post. Feel free to tell me if I don’t make it!

Nightmare’s Tragedies updated today in SmackJeeves, Tapastic (late because I’m still learning to post there) and Tumblr!

Finally I’ll be having a Thanksgiving sale both in my Shop and Commissions next week leading up to Cyber-Monday! Stay tuned and take care!


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