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Comic’s revival & other projects!

After 5+ years of hiatus, I’m finally ready to announce that my original comic Nightmare’s Tragedies will be back with new redrawn pages on November 12 with two pages every Friday! I’ve been working non-stop these last weeks to get a sustainable schedule going in between drawing and posting pages while working on illustrations.

I’ll be posting the pages in SmackJeeves, Tapastic and Tumblr simultaneously (yay for logistics nightmares!)

It’s been a big challenge to rewrite and redraw pages after not drawing in so long. A lot of research is going into the plot, so it’s been fun working out old plot holes and narratives. Another big challenge for me was going completely digital for this and working with Manga Studio 5/ Clip Studio Paint Pro. I’ve considered getting the deluxe version but I’m still a bit hesitant about it. Let me know what you think!

About the fan comics: they’ll be updated without a particular schedule since they’re not my focus and I mainly make them as practice for the main.

Other projects:

  • I’ve revived my Instagram and I’m posting every Monday & Wednesday with quick snaps of what I’m working on and timelapses! Feel free to click the link on the right or look for “delicate.sketches”
  • I’m starting to work more on this blog and I’ve been developing a series of helpful articles based on my experience as an artist covering art studio organization, moving and conservation.
  • Finally, I’ll be opening two shops very soon and I’ll have a limited print run just for Halloween!

Thanks for reading and have a lovely evening!


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