So many changes!

Well…it’s been over half a year! Time flew by and I feel terrible for not updating much since then and there’s plenty to write about! Feel free to click the “Keep Reading” if you want a full update!

TL;DR: Finished Grad School, moving again, ART AGAIN (soon)!

I’ve just finished my MA! Two years of just studying, working and 6 months to write my grad thesis on Art Conservation. During that time, I made the decision to put my art practice (and blogging) on hold to focus on it. I’m so grateful for all the support from my family, my beau and my friends, I certainly wouldn’t have made it without them!

That said, I have new ideas to restart my art making and creating new content to return to my normal practice, including: 

  • I want to have by the end of September a proper Illustration portfolio.That means a new website too!
  • I’ll be setting up a shop for prints and original art soon as well! 
  • I’m also rewriting  and redrawing Nightmare’s Tragedies after reading the thoughtful critiques left on the page and taking a fresh look after so many years. Doing this revamp will help me learn how to use Manga Studio 5/Clip Studio Pro and get me back to drawing on a schedule. I won’t say when it’ll be back online with new content but I hope it’s soon! I’ll also work on some fan comics just to take a break and work other themes.
  • Lastly, I plan on working on some small scale printmaking, particularly hand pulling and hand-pressing.

I’m also in the middle of moving, so I’m trying to make smaller pieces of art to work off the rust and returning to digital art as an alternative. I do have a backlog of works and blog posts on queue so stay tuned!

Thank you everyone for your time and support! See you soon!


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