Commissions are still open!


Line art + toners starting at $15!

I’ll be working on Manga Studio 5/ Clip Studio Pro. It can be anime-style or comic-book style. Be aware that extra characters and backgrounds add to the price!

You’ll get a hi-res (600dpi) .PSD and .JPEG. Please allow 1-2 weeks for final delivery!

If you’re interested, PM or email me at dessin(.)chambre(.)art(at)gmail(.)com or if you’d like other types of commissions click here! Limited to 5 slots!


  1. (OPEN)
  2. (OPEN)
  3. (OPEN)
  4. (OPEN)
  5. (OPEN)

I will draw:

  • Fanart
  • Original Characters
  • Chibi style

I will not draw:

  • NSFW themes (explicit gore, sexual imagery, etc.)
  • Furry characters
  • Complex Mecha

I reserve the right to refuse any commission if I do not feel comfortable with it. I will refund and cancel your commission at any time BEFORE the final delivery if you are not happy with the work.


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