After ten (yes TEN) years in storage, I finally got the courage to try out traditional screen tones. Even though I have Manga Studio, I had to know if I was finally mature enough (art and discipline wise) to use them.

I got a very nice toner set back when Borders and comic book shops carried them for cheap. But I never dared to use them because I recognized I wasn’t ready to go through with the commitment. It took ten years of technical and conceptual development to mentally prepare myself and feel comfortable enough in my own work to try it, being conscious of the fact I could mess up and lose it all. As silly as it may sound, making this piece was my own rite of passage: to be confident and to take the chance after a constant stream of learning.

In short, don’t stop learning just because you think you’re no good; what you can’t do now, you’ll be able to do later! (it takes A LOT of work and mistakes to get there)


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