Today I felt like I needed to assess how rusty I am in digital art so I drew Daikonran (from my comic Nightmare’s Tragedies) in a more realistic style to practice facial structures. I’d like to think I did good, I like how the nose and chin came out and got tired on the hair. Click “Read More” if you want to know what’s happened!

For anyone wandering whatever happened to the comic, it like most of my sequential art was put in hiatus. Between working with my collective, pursuing other art mediums and my studies, I don’t really have time or energy to work on panels. That’s not to say they’re dead projects (far from it), I’m just prioritizing differently than a few years ago. Pages 16 to 27 are in various degrees of progress (from completely inked to sketched out) so the moment the workload stops kicking my butt, I’ll sit down and finish. OTL

Hopefully I’ll be moving the comics to tumblr (ease of posting and more customizing than Smackjeeves that WON’T break the page) and improve the experience!


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