This little 4" x 3" piece was a series of experiments that turned out very well! I’ve been a little uninspired after working so I decided to work on a much smaller, faster scale to try out newer techniques. This little bird took around 4 hours total.

Since I wanted to work with water-soluble oil painting, I had to prepare heavy watercolor paper. I accidentally put too much white gesso on my paper and started spreading it with a pallet tool to give it some texture before working on the paint layers. 

Oil paints dry very slowly (first layer alone took 4 days), so they’re an exercise in patience. Their blending is, in my opinion, undeniably smooth and they have to be worked with a different mindset than other types of painting. Frankly, I like these better than normal oil paints because I can thin them out with just water and are much more convenient. 

Anyone who wants to try them out, know exactly what you’re getting into: it’s not a medium to rush, the surface has to be prepared and it needs bristle/synthetic brushes of its own.


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