Some of my go-to materials for my latest illustrations.

My Reeves gouache tubes in Prussian Blue, Brilliant Red, Lemon Yellow and White. I first doubted them but they are surprisingly versatile and give me the opaque matte look I enjoy. I tried the bigger 12 pc set and it wasn’t as opaque as I’d liked.

Next is my trusty travel watercolor pan (that pretty much never leaves my bag) with a tube of Chinese White to make them somewhat opaque too. I am not a big fan of using premixed colors so I usually mix my own secondary and tertiary colors.

For my inked comics I use Higgins Eternal ink, watering it down to get grays and Speedball Calligrapy Ink in White for details. The Blue Copy-not pencils are a mainstay  to sketch before transferring in the 2H lead. Always with my pan are my waterbrushes in Small and Medium. Not pictured here are the different round (000, 2, 3, 4) filbert (4,6) and square (12, ¾") brushes I use constantly in my work area and my Pentel Brush Pen in Black.

If I want to keep paper-white areas I use masking fluid. I have tried other brands and Winsor & Newton is the best hands down (no yellowing or tearing). The only reason my paper breaks from using this is because I didn’t let the paint dry before rubbing it off. If you’re interested in masking, it’s worth the price but be warned this has latex.


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