New Year’s Resolution: Get workspace in order

I’m posting this here because I want to make it a public commitment. Although my workspace is functional, it’s not the best it can be. If I finish before classes restart, I’ll take a picture and talk about what works here.

  • I must scan & purge enough that I can fit what I do want to keep in one folder.
  • Dismount 2 unused/abandoned paintings to properly store them 

(be warned, I’m about to write a lot.) TL;DR: tried unfuckyourhabitat, looked at #workspace tag, has not looked back.

Why all this? Because I am a pack-rat (I store ALL the doodles)  and frankly, carrying trash from one abode to the next is very tiresome. So, in light of this, I’ve been purging and reorganizing a lot. Anyone who knows me offline knows I’m a little fastidious when it comes to organizing. After living in a very tiny studio for two years, I learned a lot about how I have to organize properly to create art. 

Mind you, I’ve been working on this endeavor all year round but it’s now that I kicked it into overdrive since graduation is just around the corner. Finding the aforementioned tumblr made me realize “This is doable,” and looking at other artists’ spaces told me how beautifully functional they can be.


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