Encouraging digital words

Digital art is still art. It is not a 1-click BOOM method in any sense.

To work digitally well, a person has to learn from the masters: they have to learn to color, to draw and to create. They need to develop a style and eyes, just like a traditional artist. Only then can a person move on to translate that knowledge into a medium that is still young. That transition from the tactile and physical space into the digital realm will never be easy.

When photography began, it was not considered art. It was considered too easy. Ask a photographer or video artist if a masterpiece is just a click away. As such, a digital painting is not opening the software and the computer will do the work for you.

No, a digital painter will spend just as many hours on their work as an oil painter; they have different problems to solve, but they will arrive at the same conclusion. And that conclusion is art.

So my friends, do not be discouraged by others trying to categorize your work. You create.


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