Here’s how you deal with that, so listen up:

You take that old work and you look at it. Ok, what is it that you don’t like about it? Do you wish your style was smoother? Do you enjoy colours but cannot do them for the love of anything? What’s wrong with it that stops you from liking it? What do you admire most in other artists that you are not getting from your own work? Is this the direction you feel compelled to go in, or are you taking a certain path for reasons other than “I like doing this kind of work more than any other work and I want to do it forever?”

Ok, now that you’ve answered at least a few of these questions-here’s a hint, if you look at the artwork you enjoy for a while, all at once, you will generally find a pettern in the things that draw you. It might be a certain method, or how polished those pieces look, or it might be a general style. Find it. Now take that aspect and any other aspects you find that you like, and start experimenting. Find your own way of doing things through vast amounts of paper, because that is really the only way to do things.

Basically, force a crisis.

Or, if you do not have time for that… Take the course I outlined a week or so ago.



Submitted by: nemo345

[#531: that wall you hit as soon as you admit that your art sucks, and that you have no idea how your going to improve.]


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