Emergency commissions

Unexpected medical expenses have come up and I find myself opening commissions. I’m at wit’s end and it’s not going to be much of a sale, since I’ve only got like 5 days of vacation to work on digital commissions, so act fast!

Prices: Bust: $5 (pencil) example $7 (inked) example $10 (markers) example $10 (cel-shade) example $12 (airbrush) example

Full body (1 character): $7 (pencil) example $9 (inked) $12 (markers) $12 (cel-shade) example $14 (airbrush) example

Extra Characters: $3-$5 (Bust), $5-$7 (Full-body)

*Since these are quick commissions, they won’t have a background. I can’t mail traditional orders due to the expense (I offer a High Resolution .PNG or .JPEG), but digital orders get a .JPEG and .PSD!

For now, I can only open 5 spots, 2 digital, due to time constraints, but anyone who wants traditional have more time. If you know anyone interested in cheap, quick commissions please link/reblog this post!! Thank you for reading everyone!


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